If you’re ever caught in the wilds of Alaska, or any similarly mosquito-infested area, make sure you bring me along with you. I don’t know what it is, but I am a mosquito MAGNET! The family went outside for a little pyrotechnical frivolity, and within five minutes, I was bitten and swollen from head to toe while my family remained completely unscathed! I mean I just suck these things out of the air! Do I sweat gravy or something?!? I’m pretty sure that Rick Mercer is planning on air dropping me in to Africa as the next step in his anti-malaria campaign. After all, no one can contract the disease, if all the bugs are busy biting me!

The fourth was, of course, annual freak-out night for the cats. This is a holiday they do *not* enjoy. Poor things. At least the furniture stayed clean and dry though. They were nervous but not to the point of loss of bladder control.

So vacation plans continue apace. Looking down in Southern Indiana, Wisconsin and Minnesota. I’ve been to the Twin Cities, already, but never checked out Wapsi Square. Tendency to attract bugs aside, I’d like to go somewhere with a nice lakefront. Maybe camping or maybe just some lakeside city. I need input here people! Where should a vacation next month?

Oh Sunday contest. The number is hidden in plain sight!