So, as is my habit when commenting on television programs, I’ve based today’s strip around there actual released images (in this case, the official wallpaper images). Yes, it’s Slightly Off-Topic, the occasional photocomic. For those interested, you can download the images from here and here. Hey, would you look at that. Both sites have annoying audio that plays as soon as you get there. Will the comparisons never end?!?

So, the show in itself wasn’t bad. Aside from the desire to refer to them as Mulder and Scully, the show was entertaining and the dialog reasonable. The ending was wrapped up a bit quickly, though, but that’s TV. It was good enough that I will probably allow my DVR to record it and at least give the next few episodes a go (but I’d have done that anyway. As I said, Saul Rubinek is one of my favorite actors).

As per the channel formerly known as Sci-Fi, I’ve not much else to say that hasn’t been said elsewhere. As long as they keep Eureka, they will be tolerated in my household… tolerated in that same way that you tolerate your wife’s cousin who borrowed money from you but never paid it back but needs a place to stay for tonight because his car broke down.

I’d like to make a special shout out to my fellow webcomic artist Kez. She’s set up a booth for the first time at a local art show. She does a couple of comics (in graphic novel style), and I wish her the best of luck today.