So after the Arizona violence, the folks in the Sarah Palin camp have had to reframe their rhetoric.  They revealed this poster today over on facebook.  It sends a much friendlier message, don’t you think?

It’s actually been interesting watching the newsfolk try and make a connection between the Palin “crosshair” poster and the Arizona gunman.  I don’t want to be accused of defending Sarah Palin (really… EVER…), but one look at this guy’s internet life, and you can see that he was taking his cues from no one even remotely connected to the political process.  He is, to use the technical term, a wack-o nutball, and to try and tie him to one poster as a cause is just pointless.

…Not to say that we don’t have a problem with rhetoric in this country.  We have moved discourse to the point where the terms “hate” and “enemy” are now the starting point for any discussion and left “compromise” and “progress” back in the dust long, long ago.  There is so much anger going around the country at the moment that we really need to all take a collective breath and ask how we can actually help rather than trying to focus on who’s hurting us now.  It may just be me, but that seems like the sort of thing our political leaders should be trying to encourage rather that doing everything they can to knock the other guy down in the next election.

United we Stand… Divided?… we squabble in the dirt…