At work, I always try to install a simple lesson in the mind of my employees.  That lesson?  The Point of Diminishing Returns. You can tweak that cytometer’s alignment all day long, and maybe gain a channel or two for your efforts, but the effect on the final outcome?!?  Zero.  As important as knowing how to do things right is knowing when to say.  “That’s it.  We’re done.  Moving on.”

So too with today’s comic.

(You thought I was heading somewhere else with that, didn’t you?)

In yet another stylistic experiment, I became fascinated with the minimalism of comics such as Cyanide and Happiness.  While I will admit, that the comic is the equivalent of an eternal fart joke delivered by glorified stick figures, it’s very simple style is rather engaging… it focuses the reader on what is being said and just presents the essential elements required for telling a story or delivering a punchline.  I must have drawn and redrawn this thing about 20 times, and I can’t say I nailed the style… but… point of diminishing returns… time to just get it out there and have a laugh, so here you go.

There’s actually always a bit of risk running these stylistic strips, of course.  The biggest is that the front page of my site is going to be this page for the next 36 hours or so, and new visitors are likely to get exactly the wrong impression of my comic… but what are you going to do?

As per the stages of relationships, I’m not actually that cynical, but Yahoo has been running a lot of relationship “stories” lately (How to tell if she’s really interested, Key things to notice on that first date, Is the romance dead… that sort of thing), and this is the wisdom I gleaned… hopefully it can act as a guiding light to someone out there.