Happy Easter, everyone!  I hope you are all managing to have a good day today.

So… Colorforms… much to my surprise, they still exist.  I have two questions:

  1. Why did we enjoy these things so much as kids?!?  Seriously!  These things were the bomb when I was a young’un, but I’m not entirely sure why… but we’d play with these things for hours, and we wouldn’t stop until they were too dusty to cling anymore… then the begging cycle to get Mom and Leon to buy us new sets began all over again.
  2. Why did these things never end up on the parents cars?  It seems so logical now.  Vinyl cling — Shiny car… a match made in heaven.  Then again, maybe they never went on the car because of what might have happened had Leon caught us putting things on his car… he wasn’t really that big of a Charlie Brown fan, after all…

Ah well, time to check on the ham… Happy Easter!