First I’d like to apologize for the stagnant state of Slightly Off-Topic over the last month or so.  The monkey of life has been slinging his fair share of poo in our direction over the last several weeks (culminating in a family funeral this coming weekend), and it feels like the hard we push to stay afloat, the faster we sink.

So… because I love Slightly Off-Topic and am really excited about the coming storyline, I’ve decided to just pause for a couple days.  Rather than continue to make promises about updates that I’m just going to miss, I am skipping Sunday and just working on getting the drawings done right for the storyline launch.  I realize that I’m only skipping one day, but releasing that deadline will actually give me time to take my prepared sketches and get some proper cartooning done, so that I can deliver the strips on time (even during the upcoming travel).  And I’d rather skip that one day, then continue to put out filler-quality material while I put off the real work.

Again, I apologize for the erratic updates as of late.  Clearly I am no Howard Taylor or Ryan Sohmer.  Thanks for sticking with me.