Advent Calendar $5.95
Lump of Coal $12.25
Having the Kids’ Rooms Clean throughout Christmas Priceless!

I’ve always thought a coal-filled Advent calendar was a natural money-making idea. Why yell at the kids, when societal traditions can scare the pants off of them?!?! However, year after year, I never see one in the stores or online. Perhaps, I should start my own company. Naughty or Nice: The Advent Company. It would have to be designed correctly, course. You wouldn’t want the entire calendar filled with coal. Just the first three or four days to scare the kidlings into shape and then another piece every six or seven days to keep them inline.

On the more serious side, I do have fond memories of advent from my childhood. Methodists were always big on advent, and the construction of advent wreaths (we just called them advent candles) was a perennial Sunday School favorite. With for boys in the house, that meant four wreaths, and four flickering candles every sunday evening. We were not, otherwise, a family that was particularly big on candles (barring a power outage), so this image, the living room with the lights off, the stereo playing christmas songs and the four wreaths’ candles flickering warmly stands out strongly in my mind. Ah the Christmas Days of yore (technically, the advent days of yore as the Christmas season doesn’t officially begin until the 25th).