And with this I’d like to officially launch

It’s been quite a run getting to this point. Those of you who obsessively check whois data will notice that I’ve owned this domain for quite some time. Originally, this comic was supposed to launch in the late summer/early fall of 2007. It was also supposed to be about university living and feature some rather impressive art. This project fell apart for two reasons:

  1. There’s already a wonderful webcomic dealing with university living…well it focuses on life as a grad student, but it is quite good.
  2. My freaking partner (the artist) bailed on me right before launch…I’d be angry, but he quit to put more effort into some rather good science, so we’ll let it go…

Regardless, my fall project fell apart, so I was left wondering what to do with the domain as I couldn’t find another artist who really understood the feeling of lifelong university living, and I. Cannot. Draw. My best efforts can be found here if you have doubts.

Life was nice enough to provide a solution, however. My daughter suffers from a peculiar disease known as I’m-a-bit-too-smart-to-stay-focused-on-boring-classwork-itus. Laurie and I were struggling to find a way to motivate her to do her work without out and out bribing her.

Slightly Off-Topic to the rescue!

I quickly reconfigured my ideas about S O-T and hired her to be my artist. She now gets a monthly salary for penciling the comic (I write and handle the digital inking). She gets bonus salary for A’s on tests and suffers deductions for poor test grades and incomplete or missing homework. We agreed to keep the art minimalist so that it won’t impact her homework time (and because I think it’s kinda cute). I can’t guarantee an audience for the comic, but it’s having the desired effect on the schoolwork, so the project is already a success!