Here are some of the webcomics I enjoy. If it’s marked with an asterisk, that means that there is a noted tendency for adult language/content. Clearly I am not liable for the content/language of these sites.

  • Alex’s Guide to A Life Well-Lived – Fastest Sharpie in the west… well… midwest, really.
  • Antisoshell – The adventures of socially-challenged animals
  • Apple of Discord – Chaos, carnivores and comedy
  • Apple Valley – The story behind the Discord
  • Ardra – Better parenting through science…well…not really better, but definately funny
  • Autumn Lake – Life in a slightly bent New England town
  • Bitmap World – For when you just need to see a smiling face (I suggest the non-frames link)
  • The Book of Biff – The eyebrowed adventures of Biff
  • Buttersafe – Pictures and words…nothing else is guaranteed.
  • Company Man* – Very funny, but occasionally raunchy, riffing on sports/politics/pop culture
  • Ctrl Alt Delete – Love him or hate him, Tim makes with the funny.
  • Dog Eat Doug – A baby and a puppy.  What more do you need?
  • Dueling Analogs – Video gaming humor.  Well done.
  • Dumbing of Age – The reimagining  of the Walyverse!
  • Eerie Cuties* – A School for Monsters
  • Epic Fail – A Weekly Fantasy Webcomic
  • Evil Inc – For all your supervillian needs.
  • Geeks Next Door – The exaggerated tale of a geek couple and the people who live with them
  • Genuine Draft – Legos *and* interstellar rebellion!
  • Girl Genius – The latest work from Studio Foglio. This and Schlock are why I do webcomics.
  • Girls with Slingshots* – Two girls, a bar and a talking cactus
  • Help Desk – Technology is not your friend.
  • It’s Walky* – The adventures of retired adventurers Joyce and Walky
  • Least I Could Do* – Funny…very funny…
  • Looking for Group – A buddy strip with an undead warlock and a good-natured elf warrior…
  • Luke Surl – A bit of random humor every M/W/F
  • MegaTokyo – The American Manga…set in Japan, of course.
  • Multiplex – Who knew life in a movie theater was so interesting?!?
  • Octopus Pie – A Brooklyn drama – kinda reminds me of the strips in the back of skateboard magazines in the days of yore.
  • Out There – The adventures of Miriam and Sherry
  • PC Weenies – Tech Toons for Tech Enthusiasts
  • Penny Arcade* – The number one webcomic! Your source for video game commentary.
  • Precocious – Tales of four kids who are just a bit too smart for their own good…
  • P-V-P – Gaming, magazines and Giant Panda attacks.
  • PhD Comics – A grad student comic strip
  • Real Life – The Chronicles of Greg Dean.
  • Saggy Man Breasts – One man’s quest for a “Moobs”-free existence.
  • Sakana No Sadness – From the creator of The Artist Manque, an exploration of a basement-dwelling, socially inept genius and his plastic pals that are fun to be with.
  • Schlock Mercenary – The Online Space Opera
  • Shortpacked* – A comic for the action figure crowd.
  • Sinfest* – A world with to much metaphysics
  • Stale Bacon – A webcomic about Everything and Nothing
  • The Deadlys – Just a few strips so far, but I am so intrigued…
  • The Pigs Ear – The adventures of the staff at yer favorite Tavern, The Pigs Ear (Updates Thursday)
  • Wapsi Square – Life in the Twin Cities…with a 12″ tall Aztec God of Alcohol.
  • The War of Winds/What it Takes – The Kez-verse…
  • Weregeek – When the moon is full and the dice are calling…
  • What’s New with Phil and Dixie – Reprinting the old Dragon Magazine comic strip of yore.
  • XKCD – A webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language.
  • Yehuda Moon and the Kickstand Cyclery – Yehuda Moon works at the Kickstand Cyclery, lives on his bicycle, and dreams of a day when everyone does likewise.

I’ll add more to the list as my interest grows.

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