Wall Papers and Fan Art

As a thank you for stopping by, please feel free to grab a desktop image. I’ll add more as inspiration strikes. Slightly Off-Topic wallpapers will always be free, but of course, donations and emails are always appreciated.

Desktop 1 – The Logo

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Desktop 2 – Chibi Brittany

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Desktop 3 – Reading

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Fan Art

In this gig, I get to make people smile, but occasionally, someone will decide to return the favor with a kind comment, a nice email or FAN ART!!! Today, I received this from Ahmed over at Antisoshell:

The News Never Stops

The News Never Stops

Remember when the News Guy Became a Zombie?  Well, he’s crossed over to the dark side in honor of the coolest freakin’ piece of fan art I’ve ever received. I opened the mail box the other day to find a note:

It occurs to me that we haven’t seen much of our friendly neighborhood News Guy in a while. And how much do we really know about how and where he spent his recent sabbatical. A lot can happen down the Rabbit Hole…

Happy Birthday! Of course, it isn’t enough to make the News Guy or a Zombie – It has to be the News Guy Zombie.

Accompanying the note:

BRAAAIIIINNNSSSS are required to deliver the news.

Check out my headset

How cool is that? Now, full disclosure… I’ve known the sender for years, so it’s more a “friend” art than a “fan” art, but I like it either way!!!