Yeah, it was a proud week for those involved in diplomatic relations, alright. Not only was the foible made, but when the Russian diplomat pointed out the mistake, Hillary couldn’t control that clown-like cackle she has. She needs to work on that as I believe there is supposed to be some dignity associated with the position.

As per the mistake, well… translation is a dicey game, but we could have, should have done better. I’m pretty sure we have a few Russians in our employ somewhere. Can’t the Secretary of State’s office run such things by them before trotting Hillary out to end up looking like a fool? Just a thought.

Ah well, worse mistakes have been made before and will likely be made again. Just remember to tuck and roll, folks. Tuck and roll…

[Editor’s Note: No, I don’t speak or read Russian. Yes, I did use Google translate to come up with a Russian phrase. Yes, I realize I just said not to do that, but this is a comic, not international relations.]