And here we see the real danger of Identity Theft that the internet brings. I mean you can always lie to yourself (heck, in my mind, I’m in reasonably good shape), but when you come face to face with the decrepit visage that are your aging childhood chums, it’s mighty hard to believe in your one eternal youth. So, the internet has me back to a bunch of my old friends, but at a cost… at a cost.

Of course, then there’s the other kind of friends. The ones that have been there all your life… through thick and thin. Wes is one such friend. He’s always been there and really works to keep people together. Today they are holding services for his father. Therefore, I ask you all to grab a mug of whatever beverage seems appropriate and hoist one to Wes Sr. and the family. Slainte!

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Also, also, information on the Grand Ol’ lady in the frame above can be found here.