Please note: this should not be considered a guide for what *I* want for Christmas!  Do you hear that, Laurie?!?  Not what I want!!!

Those readers of you with sharp eyes, have probably noticed that our Verizon-branded killer robot is none other than the inimitable Grouchbot on loan to us from Mark Savary of Autumn Lake!  Thanks for letting him come over and play, Mark.  You know, Mark also runs a blog about real robots.  You should probably check it out.

As per Barnes & Nobles, they’ve really annoyed me this Christmas.  Laurie does, in fact, want a Nook for Christmas, but I fear she’s more likely to receive a card and a receipt.  I understand that they didn’t want people buying all those “other” E-readers this Christmas, but still… kind of a jerk move, guys.  I could always go the e-bay route, but I have a strict policy against feeding the vultures.

Well, for Christmas this year, Laurie has given me her flu/plague/whatever, so I’m going to crawl back into bed with a bit of Vap-O-Rub!