Today’s strip doesn’t carry the usual "David and Brittany Adams" by-line as Brit decided to prep this for my birthday…what can I say? She’s the Billy of my little Family Circus. For those not familiar (and shame on you if you’re not) that’s Spike Spiegel of Cowboy Bebop fame…Greatest. Anime. Ever.

In any case, it’s the big 4-0 today. That, of course, means that by my calculations I only have 102 years left. I’m due for a mid-life crisis in another…what?…31 years. I’m trying to think of something profound to say as forty years is supposed to be some sort of major life event. It’s probably the arrested adolescent in me speaking, but it feels like just about any other birthday I’ve had. Well…there was this one back in school…we had a sleepover in the back yard. I made an X-Men cake…it was pretty cool.

So…forty years old and where do I stand?

Professionally, I’m in a good place. I think I bring something to the Flow Core that is not easily found. I run a good ship and have a good crew. There are plenty of areas I want to grow, and UMich is a good place to be for it. I should be doing more with myself, and it’s easy to just kick it into cruise, but I’m generally not satisfied with status quo in the lab.

Writing – nope…it’s just an internal voice that keeps me wanting to play author…but as usual, the creative spark never comes…someday maybe…practice makes perfect and all.

Webcomic – Well…I’m not doing the webcomic I intended to, but I’m really enjoying doing this one with my daughter. It’s unusual finding something you can do with your teenage daughter, I think. I’ll treasure this as long as it lasts…and who knows…at some point I may learn to deliver a punchline!

We’re not actually having a party, but I’m sure there will be cake…everyone have a nice treat or lo-cal treat today in my honor, okay?