I apologize for stepping somewhat out of the family-friendly and into the heavily off-color.  We do this very rarely around here, so I hope you can understand.  Something strange happened yesterday.  Brittany handed me this and said that I should use it for today’s comic.  Well… actually she handed me this, but I didn’t want to post a screen cap as the main portion of the comic, so I doodle mein own version.

I figure this was weird in two ways:

  1. Brittany is too busy these days to think much about the comic, so the fact that she was offering something is significant and not to be dismissed lightly.
  2. Brittany felt perfectly comfortable handing me a very off-color joke of her own devising.

Point two is, of course, a matter for some consideration.  I’ll speaker to her about her language later (“my house; my rules” and all that), but as casually as this was offered, I still can’t help but think that it’s heavy with the “I’m an adult now, and will act accordingly.”  There’s a parenting kick to the crotch, let me tell you.  It’s a good thing (apparent tendency towards dirty joke, notwithstanding), I suppose, but as parents, we’re very much into the forging-independence stage which is marvelous, though a little bit sad.  In another couple months, she’ll be out of the house, and life will be… different.  Not bad, but different.

In any case, off-color, yes.  But I tend to share a bit about the parenting around these parts, so I thought it worth mentioning.

For those of you who are confused and have no idea about Mr. Schticky, you could peruse the video here.  The salient bits start at about 2:45.