To be fair, I did say back in the comments of #415 that I needed to tell you guys the story of Sam Fram.  Grandpa has been on my mind a lot lately as he’s been having some health issues, and I can’t help but think of these old jokes when I think of Grandpa.  He can be quite the curmudgeon when he thinks about politics, but he has such a sense of joy inside of him, and it always, always shines through when he starts to tell his jokes.  Yes, we’ve heard them all before, but it hardly matters.  I remember one time when I was very young, we took a road trip with him to North Carolina to dig rubies (he is quite the rock hound), and the jokes flowed the entire time.  We’d heard them all about 20 times by the time the trip was over, but it didn’t matter.  Bad jokes, burgers “all tha wayahhh” and good times were had by all.

Of course the problem with telling an old joke is finding a new way of telling it to a new audience.  What’s that saying about brevity and the soul of wit?  Best not to think about it.  Of course, in typical Slightly Off-Topic style, I’ve been given the choice of two references and went with the most obscure one.   I realize that the Grue-infested Zork would have made for a slightly more accessible starting point for today’s strip, but while I played them and loved them, my text-based adventure heart will always belong to Scott Adams!  I spent countless hours in the computer room at Taft Jr. High playing Scott Adams games on the Apple II.  I loved them all… especially the classic Pirate Adventure! They say you never forget your first love, and nothing can make me smile like playing those old games.  What’s that?  Did I say ‘playing’?  Well, of course.  Didn’t you know you could download all the old Scott Adams Adventures?  Of course you can!  He has them available for free in a single package right on his official site!  It turns out he wrote a new Pirate Adventure back in 2000 which is also for sale on his site.  Looks like I’d better warm up the ol’ Paypal account!