I’ve always been a bigger fan of Gamera than Godzilla (though I spent many a Saturday afternoon watching both…).  This strip brings an end to the News Guys’ reporting from Japan… he’s got other issues to cover, both foreign and domestic, and is currently on a jet leaving Tokyo.

Speaking of the News Guy, it occurs to me that I broke canon with the last strip when Sean repeatedly referred to him as “The News Guy”.  While that’s certainly what we call him, it’s not his name.  No one in the Off-Topiverse would refer to him as the “News Guy”… I’ll have to go back and rework that dialog this afternoon after the Penguicon meeting, so the strip will change a bit.

Special thanks to Adam Smithee of Apple Valley and Apple of Discord for sending over Gayzilla to join our little cast of troubadours… as Kaiju go, he’s always been fairly fabulous!