Aaaaand we’re back!  Big doings on the internet yesterday…  I will admit to spending a good amount of the evening searching twitter for the word ‘wikipedia’ to listen to the cries and gnashing of teeth from high school and college students across the land!  The outcry was… amusing.  Hopefully, some of them had the good sense to call or write their congressional “leaders”.

The news coverage was mixed regarding the internet blackout.  I did hear one rather disheartening interview… I want to say it was with Senator Orrin Hatch, but could be wrong as he did come out against PIPA yesterday (finally…).  The gist of the senator’s (or representative’s) thesis was that he was disappointed with the American people and the companies that shut down their websites as he would prefer a calm and reasoned discussion, and this amounted to a bunch of petulant children taking not getting what they want and taking their balls and going home…

Excuse me?

At what point has Congress ever welcomed a calm and reasoned discussion with the public?!?  That doesn’t sound like the Congress I know…

In any case, I was surprised at how difficult it was to shut my own sites down yesterday.

Conflicted with my own inflated sense of self-worth, I guess, but it felt a bit like locking my kids under the stairs, but SOPA/PIPA are such bad laws that you have to take a stand… even if only about twelve of you noticed! 😉

Ah well, so we’re back, and we get to see how the News Guy deals with it… who knew an anchor’s job was hazardous to one’s health… or at least to ones digestion.  Minor change to the art in the middle two panels… thoughts?