So it took two extra days, but I’m finally satisfied with panel four.  As it happens, that last panel is also the second time I had a picture in my mind and was able to lay it down pretty much exactly as I envisioned it (the first was the recent Munchkin riff).  I’m this close to calling myself a real cartoonist!

I know it was only a decoration on the saddle blanket, but the but the very first thing I thought of when I saw the statue was My Little Ponies.  Of course, in North Korea, I imagine Hasbro markets it as My Little Ponies: Oppression is Magic.  You can see the appeal to L’il Kim, right?  I actually had to look up the proper name for the little mark on the hindquarters.  It’s a cutie mark, right?  I didn’t know the proper name because I have steadfastly steered clear of any opportunity to watch Friendship is Magic.  Cute as they are, the last thing I need is another time consuming obsession.  Save it for the Bronies.  I’m fine as I am.