So there was another con going on in conjuction with Pandoracon.  Cincinatti’s own Fur Reality.  Registering for Fur Reality gave you full-access to Pandoracon and, with the exception of the Fur Ball, vice versa.  The Fur con was actually held in the overflow where I was staying, and the Fur Suit Lounge was across the hall from my room.  The ran a shuttle several times a day between the hotels so that people could enjoy both cons.

Now, I’m not here to make fun of furries.  They get enough of that… anywhere else on the internet… or reality… So let the furries be furries, but Dear God, when they left the door open, and I saw the giant scratching post, I just had to laugh… it amused me…

I can’t really tell you anything else about Fur Reality as I’m not one and spent my time at Pandoracon, but they did have a fairly active dealer/artist room, an active consuite for munchies and at least one panel room.  It was a bit smaller than Pandoracon, but how big can a regional furry con get?!?

Oh… I didn’t actually see any cats…mostly foxes… this one is visiting from Mark Savery’s Dreaming of Utopia.