Let’s pause for a moment for a quick public service announcement:

Kids, if your antivirus program tells you that it’s expired, don’t wait a month before you tell your parents. It’s too late at that point. Get the help you need. Your parents will understand.

So, yes, Brit let her antivirus on her laptop sit expired for at least a month before mentioning. Unfortunately, the reason she finally mentioned it was because she had let her friend use it to check his email earlier that day and WHAM that was all she wrote. Three different trojans and a root kit! Impressive, really. Happily, she had all of her important files backed up, so I just wiped the drive, installed OpenSuSE to ensure the last remnant of win-viruses were gone and then put XP back on. I would have left linux on there, but she uses the laptop for photoshop… such is life.

We’ve had (another) long talk about letting other kids use her computer and being more responsible about the maintenance. We’ll see how it goes this time…