When speaking about the webcomic community, I always want to start by saying that we’re a small group. That is, of course, patently untrue. The world of webcomics is vast. There are thousands of comics on the web. Some are very, very good. Others…well…others are very, very bad.

I’ll leave it to you to decide where on that continuum Slightly Off-Topic lies, but will at least take it as a favorable sign that you are taking the time to read this (any train wreck comments entirely to the side…).

In any case, as a comic artist (term used loosely, of course), it’s always a pleasure to find a new comic that you enjoy. It’s an even greater pleasure to find that the creative force behind such a comic appreciates one’s own efforts. It is at times like these that the crossover is born.

Life Rick-diculous was a happy find for me. What can I say? It appeals to the my geek nature. The comic is relatively new having started in early 2007 with a once-weekly update, so you can drill through the archives in a reasonable amount of time. If you find yourself with thirty minutes to kill, it is time well spent. I just wish they’d say what exactly they do in that office…

I actually had two ideas for a nod to L R-D, so as an added bonus, rather than the usual pencil sketch, I’ve set the second comic as the voting incentive, so please click those buttons and send some love to Slightly Off-Topic!