You should take any Hallmark Holiday with a grain of salt, but it occurs to me that this is the twentieth Valentine’s Day since I started dating the woman who would become my wife. Now, we’ve never given more than lip service (lip service…get it?!?!…*lip* service…) to this holiday, but when faced with such a neatly round number, one should probably do or say something

Laurie…We met in the drive-thru, and life has kind of been like that ever since…weird but wonderful… It has been suggested to me by numerous folks that we married too young or that we were probably just looking to get married and that it didn’t really matter who was standing at the alter. Well, after all this time, I think it is fair to call “Bunk” on such speculations. I can’t imagine finding a better partner than you. You’ve been there during the thick and thin…and really thin….you survived and thrived in the exile to California…and you didn’t kill me when I dragged you back to the MidWest. You’re the first person I want to see in the morning and the only person I want to snuggle with at night.

[Cheesy Jerry Maguire Reference] You…Complete…Me! (sniffle) [/Cheesy Jerry Maguire Reference]

Basically, I’m not sure what else to say other than “I love you…I always have…oh…and some day we won’t be poor!”

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!