I don’t know about the rest of you, but I was quite disappointed in the Black Friday sales. I don’t tend to like even leaving the house on that day, but I do scan the ads in case there is a screamingly good deal that doesn’t seem to involve the necessity of camping out in front of a Best Buy or some such. Scanning the ads this year…meh. Laurie is fairly addicted to the Black Friday experience, however, so there was no question of my being allowed to sleep (even though I’d had two Oh-God-Early mornings in a row thus far). She said she wanted to go to Toys’r’Us to pick up a gift for our niece. I can’t stand T’r’Us on black friday, so I scanned the Circuit City ad as it shares the parking lot. Nothing much of interest, but they did have Call of Duty 2 and Call of Juarez for the XBox360 for $9.99 each. If I had to be up that early, I’d at least snatch those two games as I’ve been wanting them for ever so long. My younger brother wanted to hit Staples in order to get a gps unit. We had a plan, so we woke at 4-bloody-am and hit the road.

When we got there, the line for Circuit City was out the door, around the building and down the block. NO. Homey don’t play that game, so I just followed my wife in to T’r’Us. As my wife darted off to find a Littlest Pet Shop playset, my brother and I headed to the video game section. As we squeezed in, no less that five people told us:

“Don’t bother. They’re out of Zunes.”


I glanced at the ad and say that they had last year’s brown-turd Zune for $79 dollars. Apparently, at that price, it was a hot item. I’m not sure why as the Zune blows, but disappointment was the name of the game for all but the first five folks in there. I looked around at the games, saw one I thought my daughter might enjoy and got in line. I reached for my cell to tell the misses that I was in line and realized that I left it at home. I asked Mark to borrow his and….he left it at home. Ugh. I sent him out to see if he could find Laurie. A few minutes after he takes off, Laurie walks up with a bag in her hand having already purchased the gift.

“Where’s Mark?”

“Looking for you.”

“Call him so we can go.”

“We forgot our phones…”


Regardless, having made her purchase already, I decided that the line was not at all worth it. I sent her to the front door, and I waded into the store to find Mark. I eventually did find him too…at the front door…with Laurie…ugh. We piled into the van and headed to Staples.

When we arrived, there was a line, so we queued up and waited. They were handing out tickets for the flyer items. They ran out of the gps that he wanted but had a reasonably priced Magellan unit, so we got in line for checkout just in time for the registers to go down. They said it would be 25 minutes before they came back online so, as we already had our tickets, we headed out to Game Stop where there was an amazingly long line. I grabbed my gift items (and a copy of Bullet Witch and FEAR for myself…shame on me, but $19.99 was a good price for these 360 games) and stood in line. I told Mark and Laurie to head to Penney’s and then back to Staples while I checked out.

They hit some luck at Penney’s as they had a better (and cheaper) GPS unit for Mark removing the need for the return trip to Staples and Laurie got her (I don’t see the attraction) snow globe which she gets every year…whatever.

They called (Laurie had given me her cell phone) to see if I was ready to be picked up and I let her know that the line had not moved. Not. One. Inch. Why? The first person in line wrote a check. Seems a reasonable activity, but the check approval call took thirty freakin’ minutes, and the rest of us just had to wait. Such is life, I suppose. Laurie and Mark headed to Meijers and I continued to wait. Everyone was in a good mood, so it wasn’t too bad. When I finally checked out, I headed out and made the pickup call. They were there in a few minutes and we met the rest of the family for breakfast. The plan was IHOP (just opened), but a glance at the line sent us to Steak-n-Shake…who knew they served breakfast. After that, the family hit the highway and we ran a few more errands before heading back home. I was exhausted, so Dominos supplied dinner. Crispy Melt sucks, by the way. After that…sleep…dear precious sleep.