Ah…the pink box. I’ve written about it before. How I stood in Toys’R’Us transfixed by that magical box and was drawn into a new world when my Dad bought it for me. After reading the rules, though, something always bothered me about that cover. I mean, this is the basic set. That means character levels 1-3. We have a fighter and a wizard going up against a acid-vomiting green dragon. Now assuming the best, that magic missile in the wizardess hand is worth 1-4 hit points per level, so if she is a third-level wizard, then that yields (at best) a 12-point hit. Now the fighter has a spear and is at close range. That will yield 5-20 points of damage if he manages to overcome the dragon’s natural armor which, at third level, is pretty doubtful. Now the dragon is young judging by the size of the treasure "hoard", but I still think there is only one possible outcome. Indigestion and a set of slightly-damaged armor up for sale on E-bay….