Okay, so maybe I’m not moving to Boulder. After all, I’m generally broke, and I doubt that the city has pressing Flow Cytometry needs for which the feel the need to pay me large piles of cash. I also checked the local government’s page, and they don’t seem to have “Webcartoonist in Residence” as one of the paying positions, so I reckon a move to Boulder is out.

However, I’ve been thinking lately that I, and a great many of us, are misusing life. It seems to me that life should always feel like a celebration. The places where we live should encourage that. When we’re at work, we should be amongst people that are excited about where they live and what they are doing. A walk on the streets should feel like a festival, and the parks should feel inviting…beckoning. A few cities seem to have hit on the formula that promotes this way of thinking…Boulder and Ashland spring to mind immediately. So many places we choose to live are perfectly functional…even pretty, but they don’t inspire us. They don’t aspire to a state of joy.

Of course, one’s location can only take one so far. Joy, celebration, and a lust for life all come from within. They can only be enhanced from without. So what does it take to remember the magic in life? To turn on outdoor table into a sidewalk cafe? It’s hard to say.

Perhaps this is all just pent-up frustration from being stuck indoors all winter. Perhaps the first step is to play outside more. It’s certainly easier to find the life in a community if, you know, you’re actually spending time in the community. I can’t say that I’ve worked out an answer to these questions, but I can say there are times when I feel the call of the open road. When if I had the money to take care of everything holding me here, I’d happily settle for less to live more.