I know what you’re thinking, if you want to make a popular song parody, maybe you should start with something people might actually know. Fair enough, but for your convenience, I will include a link to the song on youtube. However, it *is* a video, and while there’s no nudity the themes are adult to say the least, so click carefully. We’ll discuss it in just a bit….

So this comic came about for two reasons. The first was simply to express the way I’ve been feeling lately. You see, the adenovirus has been running rampant throughout southeast Michigan and has implanted itself thoroughly in my respiratory system. To give you an idea how much fun it has been, I will remind you that this was originally supposed to be last thursday’s comic! It’s been bumped twice, but it is still applicable… and I can not stress this enough: Tylenol Congestion and Pain: Severe is AWESOME! Even so, I’ve been more out than in over the last week.

The second reason this comic exists is that it gives me a chance to discuss Repo – The Genetic Opera which hits theaters (limited release) on November 7th. I must admit that this movie intrigues me. It seems to be the modern answer to the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

On the plus side they have:

  • a talented cast – Giles (Anthony Head), Alexa Vega, Paul Sorvino, Sarah Brightman and Joan Jett (cameo)
  • an intriguing storyline – for profit organ transplants as a world-wide epidemic of organ failures
  • an excellent soundtrack

On the negative side they have:

  • She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named in a leading role (though reports are that she pulls it off)
  • a tendency to aim low when it comes to good taste
  • and did I mention that She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named is in a leading role?

I am, of course, a prude, so even Rocky Horror left me feeling a little dirty… well…not Rocky Horror, but the audience participation folks… too many g-strings…

In any case, with this flick, I expect a short theatrical release followed by the same sort of midnight showings cropping up on and around campuses once the dvd is released. And dvd is how I expect I will eventually see this flick, but again, I’m a prude…

I had to depart from the usual four-square format of the strip due to an inability to find room within the panels for all the lyrics. To fit everything in, the required font was too small to be read at 800px wide, but I think this longer form serves well enough.