I don’t know when it became a habit, but this is what I do. Laurie asks if I’ve heard the news, and I respond by asking if one of the Legends of Hollywood has died. It’s wrong, but there it is. Charlton was elevated to the position when we lost Gregory Peck.

This is, of course, the problem with a thrice-weekly update schedule. You don’t always get to respond to events immediately, but I would like to say goodbye to Mr. Heston. First, let me say from the start the Charlton made a LOT of bad movies. Terrible…but there are a lot of bad movies made and someone has to be in them. Throughout his career, though, he always gave his best and never “phoned it in” which means he was in a lot of GREAT movies as well. When we were growing up, there was no cable in our house, so weekend TV meant whatever was on the three networks of the few channels we could pull in from Chicago (WGN, WTTW (Doctor Who!!) and Channel 32). What this usually meant was that Charlton made an appearance on our TV nearly every weekend…a fixture of my childhood, you might say.

He was the Penultimate tough-guy (nobody beat the Duke). He stood up for what he believed, and he came clean when he was wrong. He will be missed…

Kirk Douglas…you’re up to bat.