As Americans, we live in a car culture. We love our cars, we depend upon them, and some folks are even defined by them. Anyone who says they can’t make a profit selling cars to Americans simply isn’t trying very hard.

In a world with a finite oil supply, giant gas guzzlers aren’t eternally popular. Who could have possible foreseen that, eh? The Big Three whine incessantly that they can’t make a profit selling small, fuel efficient cars. Odd. Other companies seem to. And it’s not like they’re selling the cars cheaply. Have you priced a Camry or Accord, recently. They aren’t cheap. But they *are* reliable, and they get great gas mileage. Perhaps the Detroit Three should try producing reliable, efficient cars for a change?!?

I have absolutely no sympathy for GM, of course. They could have owned the US auto market. Had they continued to develop the EV1 line along with their SUVs, I’m sure they’d have a very profitable electric and hybrid division by now. Instead, they tanked the EV1 in order to maintain the status quo. Good work, guys!

I realize that it is a very unpopular view here in Michigan, but if the big three are going to fail, perhaps it’s time we let them? Americans will always need cars, and I suspect some innovative folks will step in to fill that need. In the long term that may be the best answer. It’s just a shame the number of workers that are going to have to suffer due to the short-sightedness of the American Auto Manufacturers.