Thank you to the Obama campaign for using such a ridiculous stunt as texting his choice of VP candidate to the nation. I don’t personally feel the need to know the moment it’s announced, but it did provide me with a setup to announce the the Electronic Frontier Foundation will the recipient of funds form the Charity auction at Penguicon in May!!! I won’t ramble on too much at the moment about the EFF. If you are unfamiliar with their work, start reading. I’ll have more to say later in the blog space, of course.

My wife, Laurie, is actually in charge of the auction this year and has begun to solicit donations from companies large and small. We’re aiming, of course, for items that will appeal to the geek and otaku mentality. As the items come in, they’ll appear on an auction preview page over on the Penguicon site, so that you can get an idea about where you might want to bid. For those who’ve never been, the Penguicon auction is always a LOT of fun, so be sure to stop in and spend some money on a worthy cause!