Happy Birthday, Laurie! Here is something for you viewers that you don’t see every day. My daughter drew a self-portrait for Laurie’s birthday comic. Normally, she’s not so outgoing, and God forbid you should want to take her picture, but I guess she’s growing up. Yes, yes…my daughter is a cutie, but she asked me to assure you folks that she would never be caught in such a girly, frilly outfit! Also, for the purposes of the comic, she drew herself wearing the contacts I keep refusing to buy her…real subtle, Brit!

Regardless, today is Laurie’s birthday and there shall be a killing of the fatted calf to celebrate…actually, more like a trip to BD’s Mongolian Barbeque, but you get the idea. Would you like to know what we got her for her birthday? Well, I can’t say because she occasionally reads this!