So that’s why there was no comic last week, but no, we didn’t actually visit the Chocolate Shop. We generally find it best not to go drinking when driving our only child about 300 miles for the day and then driving her back. Yes…I’m pretty sure that was covered in Parenting 101 (which, for the record, is not a course offered at Purdue). We did stroll over to the Triple X (on the hill, but on the level) for a couple of Drew Brees Specials and then spent the rest of the time wandering campus and feeling nostalgic about days gone by.

It’s a weird thing when you start to take your child on trips to see colleges. She’s not out of the house yet, but you can feel it coming. There is a tendency amongst parents to want to throw the breaks on and keep our children from growing up, but there is also an opposite impulse that glories in seeing one’s offspring coming of age. The battle is played out as an eternal tug-o-war across the parental heart, but you can’t actually stop time, so you just keep doing what seems best for your child.

In any case, she was nonplussed with the biomedical engineering presentation, but seemed keen on computer engineering. She may also end up a writer, or a voice actor or…well, time will tell. Until then there are more days at home and more college trips ahead.