Phew… What a weekend. Youmacon has come and gone. Brittany had a blast and I learned a few lessons:

  1. If you are going to an Anime convention, wear a costume. Even if you’re not part of the subculture (Bebop Rules), the native cosplayers will appreciate the effort… even if it’s just a pair of cat ears or a Narutard headband.
  2. Cosplayers have an obsessive need to hug each other. So much so that many were wearing signs advertising ‘free hugs’ or ‘hugs for pizza’. Tread carefully lest ye be glomped!!!
  3. Those showing somewhat more than the legal limit of skin are most likely to be those who really shouldn’t.
  4. Those who could get away with showing somewhat more than the legal limit of skin, most likely won’t, but will likely skirt that limit very closely.
  5. Anime cosplayers are amazingly creative and talented. Awesome costumes!
  6. There’s always a couple smelly guys whose costume seems to involve nothing more than walking around barefoot and talking loudly to anyone who stops moving. This is *not* limited to anime cons.
  7. If you go to a convention for the express purpose of helping someone else out running the Penguicon table, make sure they’ve actually shown up!!! Definitely make sure before dropping $50 bucks on a badge you don’t otherwise need!!!
  8. The Hyatt (any Hyatt) is a terrible place for a convention (any convention). Please world, stop having them there.
  9. A double bed isn’t. It fits *one* adult!
  10. I don’t care how tired you are, leave the hotel rather than eating in the hotel restaurant. There is little or no excuse for a $32 steak, a $30 plate of pasta or a $22 salad bar!
  11. Youmacon is a heck of an event!

It’s good to be home and have full net access again, though.