Greetings!  Last week, Adam Smithee posted the 7 in 7 Challenge over on Webcomic Hell.  Basically, seven webcartoonists were asked to choose a character and each of the participants would then offer their “take” on the chosen characters over the course of the next week.  As I’m still coloring today’s update, I thought you might like to have a look at my “sketches” to tide you over until this evening.  You can click the small images to enlarge.

#1 – The Therapist from Therapy Tales

#2 – Bill from Prepare to Die

Hopefully, Mike will not take offense at this, but his skin tones always look so jaundiced to me…

#3 – Art from Apple Valley

#4 – Mojo from Mojo

Clearly, drawing animals has never been my strong suit.

#5 – Mike from L33t

#6 – Daisies and Shit (Soon to be relaunched)

This was the hardest one because Daisies and Shit is still unreleased, so I had nothing to go on…

#7 – The News Guy

Would you believe I almost forgot to draw this one?!?  I was so focused on everyone else’s characters that I forgot my own.  I opted to do the homage to the Jetsons when I realized both series starred a redhead named Jane.  It wasn’t actually intentional, but there you go.

Okay.  I will finish coloring when I get home from work and get today’s update up.  I hope you found these amusing.