While working on yesterday’s comic, I figured out something that has been bothering me for some time.  The line art in my final render of the strips always seems a bit… fuzzy to me.  It never seems as crisp as when I draw it, and it is certainly not as crisp as a lot of the comics I read.    As it turns out, it’s because of a shortcut I’ve been using.

Once I’ve finished drawing the comic, I import the panels in to Plasq’s Comic Life to add the framing and word balloons.  The problem is, once I export the comic page back out, ever thing is bumped up to a higher resolution than what I drew at, and not surprisingly, things are a bit… fuzzy.

So… I need to stop with the short cut.  Comic life is a fine tool, but it’s getting in my way.  Now, framing I can do, but word balloons… I’m pretty awful at that.  So, I appeal to the ‘net.  Send me your favorite word bubble tutorials.  It’s time for me to learn a new skill.