With apologies to Bob, of course...

We had a *big* meeting today, and our contract with the hotel prohibits static (overnight) exhibits in the hallway and limits commerce to the dealers area and rooms, etc. Now, putting up an Artist’s Alley that had to be emptied on a nightly basis and disallowed sales would be a bit of a drag, so we’ve expanded the dealers area to include an Artist Alley.

The deal is such:

We are now in the Dealer’s Hall. We have our own section (inside the main entrance, so almost all traffic through the hall will pass through the alley). You may sell, do sketches, commissions, whatever. Spots are per half-table.

Cost is $40 per half-table, but this includes your registration fee, so for those keeping track, it’s still $5 plus the cost of registration. If you’re thinking of coming and getting a table, let me know. There will be no guesswork involved, so if you want a spot, tell me, and I’ll let you know how to pay and reserve your spot. Before the con, I’ll send out a seating chart so everyone knows where they’re going to be.

Because this is inside the Dealer’s Room proper, you won’t have to pack up your table at night as the room is secured. However, if you want to attend other con functions or speak on panels, you should think about who could watch your area while you’re out of the room.

Questions? Email me.