Reasons 6, 7, 8 and 9 to come to Penguicon were tricky. I have a great group of people coming to speak on my webcomic panels, and didn’t want to offend any of them by putting one before the other. They are all spending a great deal of money to come to the con and entertain the attendees, and I want them all to know that I appreciate their efforts! So, Reasons 6-8 are our three webcomic nifties and reason 9 are the rest of our webcomic panelists. I shall now list them all in no particular order:

I’m also still trying to get Fes (P.S.I., Ardra and the Webcomic Beacon) and the folks behind Geeks Next Door to come to the con, so if you know them (or if you don’t), swing by their sites and convince them to add Penguicon to their schedule!