Leon and a few others wanted to know the details of the ad box at the right. This is a Project Wonderful ad box.  They are an online advertisement clearinghouse run by another webcartoonist.  By providing a spot on my web page, other people can bid on the space.  Project Wonderful automatically keeps tracks of bids and assigns the adspace to the highest bidder.  The purpose of this ad box is to generate enough income to allow me to advertise on other comic-related sites.  Thus far this box has generated about 30 cents, but that goes a surprisingly long way with Project Wonderful.

I have set the account up so that I must screen all new bids on my site before they go into the pool.  My criteria are fairly simple.  Would the presence of the ad on my site annoy my mother or is it something I wouldn’t want my daughter to see.  So…no pr0n, no gambling and no redirecting links.  Keep it clean, and everybody is happy.