I’d like to take a moment, to talk about the Guest Strip Project. The GSP was started as a fundraiser for the Make-a-Wish International Foundation. From their own page, they describe themselves, thusly:

The idea of the Guest Strip Project began half way through the Kid’s Book Project. The Kid’s Book Project (KBP) was meerly artists trying to continue a story on without seeing all the pages which was quite hard and the results showed. So the idea of the artists seeing all the pages but instead of continuing a storyline they could make it their own somehow sprang about and the Guest Strip Project was born.

All in aid for the Make-A-Wish International Foundation, the Guest Strip Project will feature over 100 webcomic artists (as well as ordinary artists) creating just one strip per artist. Once they’ve completed their strip they will be not allowed back.

Webcomics are known for having guest weeks or guest months were artists that are fans or even new artists get a chance to submit their artwork, allowing both sites to pimp their own webcomics. In respect the same applies here but instead of a guest week or a guest month it will be a guest year – allowing different talent across the board.

Even though it’s free and available online, the Guest Strip Project does have donation banners at the site, we also have a store which will include exclusive merchandise that will all donate the proceeds towards the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Anything that gains money from this site goes direct to the charity, so every little helps!

The characters and the strips concept was originally conceived by Christopher Baldwin (from Little Dee), the first strip’s creator and therefore the creator of all the characters you see before you. Along time other artists have included more, and so the Guest Strip Project changes from week to week.

Today, Brittany’s and my strip is running. You can find the beginning of the storyline here and our strip (effectively closing the storylyine) here. This was a fun project to work on as it is always fun to break out of one’s own routine and "play in someone else’s sandbox", and it was for a good cause. Why not, pop over, have a look at the strips and while you’re there, consider making a donation to Make-a-Wish. Thanks.