As the third part in our one-year anniversary celebrations, I’d like to announce our final contest, the Year Two Scavenger Hunt!

First up, let’s talk about the prize:

The Crumpler Considerable Embarrassment Laptop Bag

A Crumpler Considerable Embarrassment Messenger-style laptop bag (or equivalent… They’re always changing the names of these things). Now Crumpler makes, I think it is safe to say, the absolute worst flash-ridden websites, but their bags… oh, they are the cadillac of messenger bags. You can have your Timbuk2’s or your Samsonites. I’m only trusting my baby to a Crumpler bag, and now you can, too!

So how do I win, I hear you ask. Simple, I say. Over the course of the next year, I will be mentioning another comic during my Sunday update. You need only visit that comic’s site, collect a special four-digit code and email it to me at thenewsguy at slightlyofftopic dot com.

Okay, maybe it’s not that simple. Let me provide a few more details:

  1. I will be mentioning another comic – When I say I will be mentioning, I really mean that I will make reference to. I may mention the comic specifically as in “Go read today’s Ardra strip, it’s really funny”, or I may place a cameo of another strip’s character in the update or I may pose a riddle. It can take many forms, but it will be there, and it is *your* job to figure it out every Sunday.
  2. During My Sunday – This is a year-long contest, so there will be 52 Sundays or Rounds.
  3. You need only visit that comic’s site, collect a special four-digit code and email it to me – For each week, I will place a four-digit code on the chosen strip’s website. In some cases, I will get the author to incorporate the code into the actual strip, in other cases I will the code in the comment section or shoutbox associated with the strip. Once you’ve found the proper comic site, the code will not be hard to find. Once you send the email, points will be awarded as follows:
      • 1 point for correctly identifying the strip
      • 2 points for returning the correct code
      • 1 bonus point for being the first to email the information – as determined by the time stamp given by my mail server – no quibbling, judges ruling is final!

Simple no? Now there are four points possible for each round for a total of 208 points. To win the bag, you must have scored a minimum of 80 points and be the person with the highest point total. Anyone found posting the answers on another site will be disqualified (takes away the fun for everyone else). Sounds fun, right? Well, get to it, folks!