Is it me or is the News Guy having a bad week?

So the War ended this evening. I’ve mentioned the War before, but for those who missed it, Frumph from Webcomic Planet put together a little competition for webcomic creators. The goal of the competition was to push creators out of their comfort zone and get them out there actively promoting their comic. To achieve this, the first half of the competition was a resource gathering phase where you would be awarded crystal points for each act of self-promotion you performed (advertising, guest art, supporting other creators. You can read the details at Frumph’s site). Once resources were gathered, stats and crystals could be purchased to arm your character. At this point it played out similar to a collectible card game, and the battle was fast and furious. Not always smooth, mind you, but always entertaining!

Did it work? For me, certainly. As a result of this competition, I’ve met a lot of new people in the field, learned a lot more about cartooning and have developed a habit of actively speaking about the comic rather than remaining silent about it until the nebulous day in the future when it was "good enough" to mention. It’s a work in progress, but I’m proud of my work and enjoy talking about it.

I’d like to take a moment to publicly thank Frumph for all the effort he put into this event. Not only designing, organizing and moderating the competition, but also the effort of finding prize sponsors. He put a tremendous amount of work into this, and it went very well! I’d also like to thank my fellow warriors. I couldn’t put you all into the comic, because this was a spur of the moment strip and it’s already 3 am!!!! For those in the strip, I hope the folks at Apple of Discord, Life’s A Witch, Ant Guy, Fantasy Story and Union of Heroes don’t mind my rough handling (drawing) or their characters.

So, no, I didn’t win, but I stand in a very respectable second place…

…and I’ve got a year to heal. I’ll get you next time Arne!