Okay! After a brief intermission, we find ourselves back in Bloomington with our poor, Zombified hero. What’s to become of him? Only time will tell, but certainly this winged stranger must have a few powerful tricks up his sleeve. I mean he just kicked down the fourth wall? How many people do you know that can pull off something like that?!? Go ahead and try it yourself. I’ll wait.

So… how many of you just managed to fall down? Well, in any case, come back Tuesday where I promise you’ll learn more about the stranger and we’ll go about wrapping up this unusual bit of continuity in our usual one-off narrative.

Oh and Congratulations to Capes-N-Babes and I’m Not Bob for being the newest inductees into the WebComic Planet collective! It’s an new and interesting collective focusing on generating income to be used to get members out to conventions to meet/interact with the fans. I wish all the WCPC members great success!