You know… Arbor Woods is actually an apartment complex, and the News Guy is a home-owner, but I like the name and it works for basing the ongoing storyline on a Torchwood riff.

…and speaking of which, have you seen Torchwood: Children of Earth yet?!? I’ve been holding off on this to give you all a chance. If you haven’t, the dvd is available, so you have no excuse. It is fabulous! Gripping, tremendously sad, but fabulous. I was quite surprise by it, though, as I hadn’t expected them to be ending the series so soon. Well, I suppose it doesn’t have to be ended, but yeah… the plug is pulled.

Can you believe it’s apple-picking season, already? Where did the summer go? I’m about to pick up the phone and see if I can find any orchards with Honey Crisps ready. The orchard is always a good way to spend an afternoon.

Hey, Jynksie is going to do extra updates this week. Be sure to check it out!