Welcome to film week at Slightly Off-Topic. I thought we should start it out with a look back at a classic. Special thanks to @daemionfox for the lesson in dialoguing wookie.

As per coffee, the recent holiday trip home taught me something. I LOVE the smell of brewing coffee. Love it! Straight, vanilla, hazelnut-cashew-cream, doesn’t matter. I LOVE that smell…

…of course, I can’t stand the taste of the stuff. In fact, if you really want to ruin my day, sneak a chocolate-covered coffee bean into a handful of bridge mix, or give me a slice of cake with coffee in the icing. Not only will you be treated to me spitting the stuff out and running to the nearest water source to rinse, but I’ll be tasting that crap all friggin’ day!!!

(For the convenience of those digging through the archives, an alternative version of this strip can be found here.)