So, Pop-Up Video has returned to television on VH1.  Thanks to my DVR, I’ve spent a goodly amount of time watching it, and I must admit that I’ve been having a good time with it.  Partly because the Pop-Up/Spin the Bottle crowd is always good for an interesting tidbit or a good life, but also because it’s just so nice to actually see music videos on on of the music channels again.  I never thought I’d see the like, you know?!?

Anyways, they are doing a pretty good job with the show.  The music is mostly from the 90’s and the Naughts, and can at time feel like the Rihanna and Jay-Z show, but they do try to keep things balanced, so of the five songs per episode, there will probably be two songs you like in and of themselves, and the pops keep you amused through the other three.

So… it’s a good thing.  Anyone else been watching?