This is, of course, not the first time we’ve appraised the actions of adventurers.

Sadly, this is actually as far as I’ve gotten in looking at the new rules. I pre-ordered the new rule set from Amazon expecting it to be on my doorstep the day the rules went live, but just received my shipping notice yesterday. Won’t have them in my hands until tomorrow…not that Laurie or Brit will play with me, but my buddy Wes has been talking about meeting up in Indiana for a game…this seems as good an excuse as any…

It is finals week here in Ann Arbor, so I’ve given Brit the week off. She’ll return Sunday, so it’s just me until then. Wish her luck as it’s Geometry today.

The stupid server is down at ThePlanet (they’ve had their fair share of problems lately), so it’s off to bed, and I’ll push this up to Slightly Off-Topic in the morning.