So, I’m very sorry that this is so late.   Because it focuses on the broadcast censor’s slip allowing Mr. Flacco’s exuberant use of lexicon to be heard by millions, I struggled with how to format the strip and keep Slightly Off-Topic the family-friendly place it is.  Having struggled past Tuesday the smart thing to do would have been to just scrap it, but you know how it is, the gag gets into your head and must get out.

…and now it is.

Having referenced the words of curse all of maybe 10 times in the last 500+ strips, I figure I’m on the sunny side of safe, but still, I do try keep it clean.

In any case, I, like a good portion of America, bust a bit of a guy during the coverage of the post-game celebrations when Joe dropped his F-bomb.  Not because hearing a celebrity do so is particularly amusing, you can hear it all the time on cable, but because you know, you KNOW that the network had assigned a fleet of censors to watch for exactly this sort of thing during the interviews, but they failed to consider what problems an open mic might cause in a field full of boisterous, celebrating athletes.

Well, now they know…

Actually, while I’m sure we’ll hear about a suit being leveled against the network in a month or two, I’m quite amazed about the lack of hysterical response this week.  An athlete cursed, the network accidentally broadcast it, and the world is not ending.  I guess someone is finally thinking of the children and giving them just a little bit of credit.