Jane should really know better… she may never have played 1st Edition, but she is a gamer, and some things are just sacred.

Okay, so yes… I will be the first to admit that I do, in fact, own the original books as well as the re-released premium versions of the Player’s Handbook, the Dungeon Master’s Guide, and the Monster Manual.  I maintain that this wasn’t a waste of money because I had two very good reasons for buying them.  First and foremost, the proceeds from the sale of these books was being contributed to the completion of the Gary Gygax memorial, and that is a noble thing.  Secondly… well… they look cool!

Now don’t get me wrong, the original covers are also cool (well… maybe not the monster manual), but I like the uniformity of these volumes with the homage to the original covers.  The gold leaf and integrated book marks are just a bonus.  And let’s face it, 1st Edition AD&D is my game.  I have nothing against your second, third and fourth editions… they have their place, but when I’m thinking D&D, I’m thinking 1st Edition in all it’s glory.

Unearthed Arcana, however, is an entirely different proposition.  It’s a 1st edition tome that I do not, in fact, own.  The reason I don’t own it is simple… it was terrible.  Typos, missing charts, error after error after error!  I’m pretty sure whoever was in charge of that particular book was very, very drunk.  This new version has actually been edited though, so all of those problems have been rectified!  The tables are where they should be.  The Dragon Magazine errata in integrated.  In the words of Ms. Stewart, it’s a good thing!  I’m hoping to see a copy of it appear for my birthday this weekend (I’ve left hints), but we will see.  If not, it will join my arsenal on payday.

What I would like to see Wizards release in this series is a corrected copy of Deities and Demigods which reincorporates the original Cthulhu and Melnibone pantheons.  WotC has enough pull in the gaming/publishing world… they can certainly make this happen.  Sadly, Amazon doesn’t show any evidence of this as an upcoming product.

They do show a lot of premium re-releases coming though… one might argue too many… do we really need a re-release of 3.5 at this point?!?  Let it age a bit guys…  However, I did already order the Dungeons of Dread: “S” Series Classic Adventure Compilation: (S1 – S4) because let’s face it… if it’s  a copy of Tomb of Horror, I’m probably going to own it, plus I don’t have a copy of White Plume and Caverns.  Of course, one of the cooler items isn’t out until November.  The Premium Original Dungeons & Dragons Fantasy Roleplaying Game!!!  That’s right, they’re re-releasing the wooden box.  Muy cool… let this serve as notice that I will do wonderful things for the first person to buy me this!  😉

Okay… that’s enough RPG lust for now…  See you all on Sunday.