I don’t imagine there are too many of you left as this particular bit of internet flotsam and jetsam is showing up everywhere in one form or another, but for those of you who haven’t seen The Awareness Test yet, you can see my favorite version here. I have some affection for this particular incarnation because:

  1. The production values are actually pretty good (at least as opposed the the more common version seen in front of an elevator)
  2. It’s espouses a pro-cycling message which is always a good thing.

My only problem with the video and the awareness campaign is that after you’ve taken the test once, it is impossible to fail again. Unfortunately, this is not the case with drivers and cyclists. That’s a test that no one can afford to fail, but all too many do. But for that one fleeting initial viewing…the test is all kinds of awesome!

Oh…and there’s also a crazed bunny hidden in the flowers…