Perhaps sadly, this isn’t an exaggeration. Being a vintage computer buff, I actually *do* have that many Apple II’s, but they are all different after all. I also have an unopened expansion kit to turn the IIe into a IIe Enhanced. I’ll never install it, of course, but it amuses me to have it sitting on the shelf above the IIe.

I never did play Oregon Trail as a kid. I didn’t have ready access to Apple II’s until high school, and at that point I was too busy playing a Defender-esque game and peek and poking up unflattering images of my buds in “Hi-Res” graphics to care about a kids game. I never owned an Apple II as a kid either as we were a Commodore family. Brittany, of course, played the windows version (v.5, I believe) of the game fairly religiously as I kid.

When I did pick up my first Apple II (the Platinum) off of Ebay, I left it in the lab for a month with a copy of Oregon Trail and some other games on 5.25″ floppies. I went through *two* monitors that month because no one in the lab could keep their hands off of Oregon Trail. We had people that would stop by just hoping that the Apple II was free. That must be the mark of a classic! When I finally brought the platinum home, I hooked the composite output to the LCD TV so that we could play until I found a new monitor. Seeing the IIe driving the Hi-Def TV gave me a kind of perverse pleasure…but I’ve always gotten a kick out of the juxtaposition of such things.